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Newsletter of Sunrise Community Farm Center, LLC.

Sunrise Community Music Night

The sun goes down, but the farm lights up this February 10th. Recently, we noticed that our community farm has been missing something... Rhythm! Musical tones flying, or a melody dances out into the night sky. We’re missing music! We want you to join us as we introduce community music night the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. This event is for YOU. 

The night will kick off with our friend Tim Stambaugh and his music partner Ruby for an acoustic two-hour jam session. Bring food from your favorite local spot to “dine-in” in our wooden barn. Our dance floor is open for all who feel a toe tap or a rhythm move through you. 

Due to the fortuitous falling of dates, this celebration will invite us to look toward the moon as Chinese New Year commences. Chinese New Year is a traditional 14-day festival that begins rejoicing the coming of spring and ends with the Lantern Festival. At music night, we offer special Chinese New Year goodies for those who wish to join in the fun! 


After the acoustic jams by Tim & Ruby, we hope you join us for whatever music you can suggest to the DJ! Musical styling will wrap up at 10:00pm. This event is open to all participants: families, couples, singles, and folks who like a good time at a farm with music are especially encouraged to show. The barn will also be open for animal visits and cute photo ops with our bunny babies. These little floofs and fluffs (pictured right) were born as a surprise gift of the new year on January 1st. 

This event has no cover charge, no RSVP required, although donations are gratefully accepted. “why?” you ask? The farm’s founder, Spence, chooses to celebrate his birthday (also happening during this time) with gifts to the community. The ability to celebrate care for one another with music is a fundamental value of the farm. We hope you join in, catch the vibes, smile, and jam out with us. 

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