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Updated: Mar 26

We are Looking to Grow (some new farm hands)

Hey! We need your help! You, your friends, and perhaps your neighbors or friends of friends. WE'RE HIRING!

The spring is upon us, and summer is not too far off. If you've been a camper here and are looking for a job, have always wanted to learn about caring for animals, or love mentoring the next generation, we are looking for you! Each summer, we double our program staff to include more Assistant Mentors, Mentors, and Farm Assistants to join us for the summer camp season. We've got openings for multiple positions; each position is described below.

Assistant Mentors assist in guiding our campers through their day. We love our campers and junior mentors to grow into this position or invite their friends to come be a camp counselor! Assistant Mentors work in tandem with full Mentor who has years of childcare experience either at our camp or another. Instead of taking on the planning and organization, you'll play and get to know campers, keeping the mood fun and engaging, and providing excellence in the supporting role. You'll take on new leadership skills at your own pace and have a support team to help you set and succeed in goals for the summer.

Rainbow Mentors guide our youngest campers (ages 5-8) through the day. They are organized and plan ahead with the Program Director and their fellow Rainbow Mentors to ensure everyone arrives on time, safe, and works together well. Rainbow Mentors are mature and have at least one year of camp under their belts before being appointed to this position. Rainbow Mentors are patient, caring, and love the affection shown by our youngest campers. Rainbow Mentors are natural caregivers prepared to be silly and kind as often as they are thoughtful and prepared. Given these qualities, they make slightly more money during the summer for their foresight and experience. Rainbow Mentors must be 17 years old and have worked one summer as a counselor before or be 18 years old to apply. Rainbow Mentors may also teach afternoon enrichment classes listed below.

  • Farm to Table

  • Fishing

  • Woodshop

Life Guard for our summer programs help us out by watching over campers during our swim time every day. They must effectively work with our Junior Mentors, Assistant Mentors, and Mentors to keep track of all campers, administer swim tests, teach the rules, and open and close the pond. Lifeguards also communicate with the mentors watching the waterslide to maintain safety. Due to the nature of pond lifeguarding, the American Red Cross dictates that outdoor lifeguards must be 18 years or older.

Trailblazer Mentors are in charge of teaching classes to our older campers (ages 8-12) throughout the day. They have some prior farm experience and skill in one of the morning classes. Trailblazer Mentors are energetic and fun-loving to complement their age group's growing independence and social skills. They can take sass and know when to joke, and when to be serious. Trailblazers are natural leaders. They know when to step back and let campers problem solve independently. They know how to nurture the respect of themselves and other group members. The Trailblazer Mentors may also teach afternoon enrichment classes listed below:

  • Farm to Table

  • Fishing

  • Woodshop

Community Music Night!! Rock the night away!

Too Much Fun is playing here Saturday April 13th from 7:00pm to 9:30 pm in celebration of Spring Birthdays! We're excited to have this well known rocking, rolling, rhythmic, soulful group coming to play for us! No cover charge, but we gratefully accept donations to allow us to continue to bring great local music to you and support the musicians in our area. A toe-tapping time for whole families, date night, a group of buddies, or singles! Refreshments will be available.

Sunday Sunrise Yoga

A relaxed way to refresh before the week, we're glad to begin offering a community yoga practice for any and all who would like to move together Sunday mornings at 10:00, beginning this Sunday, March 24th. There is no right way to move; moving is the right way. I'm grateful for all who join in with this new class. Please book through our website by selecting "Sunday Sunrise Yoga." Classes will run on a suggested donation basis so all may attend! Bring your own yoga mat, block, or bring extra for new friends! This class will begin as a vinyasa practice, which means moving with the breath, and will evolve as the community practices together. Arrive at 10:00 in our beautiful wooden barn; class will kick off at 10:10. Sign up here. Namastè.

Public Service Announcement

The northern entrance to Millhouse Road by New Hope Market is CLOSED due to maintenance on I-40. If you are coming to the farm for lessons, camp, or Open Farm, please plan to take Eubanks to Millhouse via the southern end. We don't want you to miss out on the farm fun, so drive safe, and remember to go by Eubanks ;)

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